Adding Googles GData Java API to your maven repository

The google gdata apis do not come with maven POM-files. Someone went through the trouble to “mavenize” the source but it is limited to linux as build plattform and currently out of date (compile errors). So I installed the JARs from the binary distribution of the APIs into my local repository – which are of course missing the dependencies between the individual JAR files. Here are two batch files which I used to install the JARs quite painlessly:


@SET mvn=d:\java\maven\bin\mvn
@%mvn% install:install-file
       -DartifactId=%1 -Dversion=%2 -Dfile=%3 -Dpackaging=jar


call install.bat gdata-analytics 2.0 gdata-analytics-2.0.jar
call install.bat gdata-appsforyourdomain 1.0 gdata-appsforyourdomain-1.0.jar
call install.bat gdata-base 1.0 gdata-base-1.0.jar
call install.bat gdata-blogger 2.0 gdata-blogger-2.0.jar
call install.bat gdata-books 1.0 gdata-books-1.0.jar
call install.bat gdata-calendar 1.0 gdata-calendar-2.0.jar
call install.bat gdata-client 1.0 gdata-client-1.0.jar
call install.bat gdata-codesearch 2.0 gdata-codesearch-2.0.jar
call install.bat gdata-contacts 3.0 gdata-contacts-3.0.jar
call install.bat gdata-core 1.0 gdata-core-1.0.jar
call install.bat gdata-docs 2.0 gdata-docs-2.0.jar
call install.bat gdata-finance 2.0 gdata-finance-2.0.jar
call install.bat gdata-health 2.0 gdata-health-2.0.jar
call install.bat gdata-maps 2.0 gdata-maps-2.0.jar
call install.bat gdata-media 1.0 gdata-media-1.0.jar
call install.bat gdata-photos 2.0 gdata-photos-2.0.jar
call install.bat gdata-spreadsheet 3.0 gdata-spreadsheet-3.0.jar
call install.bat gdata-webmastertools 2.0 gdata-webmastertools-2.0.jar
call install.bat gdata-youtube 2.0 gdata-youtube-2.0.jar

You surely could get fancy and automate the splitting between artifact-name and version number, but hey, I needed those JARs installed quickly and that’s what it does.

9 thoughts on “Adding Googles GData Java API to your maven repository

  1. an even better solution would be to write a script that iterates over all files, parses their name and decides the values of the parameters.

  2. Hello,
    I have pushed a bit further my gdata maven repository stored on google code following David Carter idea based on Tattletale to extract dependencies and generate the Poms automatically. I have also added a Nexus Index to this repository and version up to 1.41.3 are currently mavenized! Have fun! Pascal

  3. Here’s another variant on the windows theme, but for those *nix/osx inclined. Assuming you grab the “” file from, here’s a couple scripts I wrote to help install those from their exploded location into your company’s repo:

    #!/usr/bin/perl -w

    my $artifactId=$ARGV[0];
    my $version=$ARGV[1];
    my $jar=$ARGV[2];
    die “must supply artifactId, version and jar on command line” unless ($artifactId && $version && $jar);

    my $cmd = “/usr/share/maven-2.1.0/bin/mvn deploy:deploy-file -DartifactId=$artifactId -Dversion=$version -Dfile=$jar -Dpackaging=jar -DgeneratePom=true -Durl=file:/// -Drepository=”;
    print “executing command = $cmd\n”;
    open(CMD, “$cmd|”) or die “Could not exec $cmd $!”;
    while() {
    print $_;

    #!/usr/bin/perl -w

    my @jars = `ls *.jar`;
    foreach my $jar (@jars) {
    #print “found jar $jar\n”;
    if($jar =~ /(.*)-(\d\.\d)\.jar/) {
    #print “\tartifact is $1 and version is $2\n”;
    my $cmd = “./ $1 $2 $jar”;
    open(CMD, “$cmd|”) or die “Could not execute $cmd $!”;
    while() {
    print $_;


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