Building a Google Plus inspired image gallery

I recently built a Google Plus inspired image Gallery as an extension for the Alfresco ECM product which won first place in Alfresco developer challenge. Now I’d like to share my insights, explain how I built it and give you a starting point to build your own galleries based on the great G+ gallery design.

Screenshot of Alfresco Gallery Plus extension

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Using the Javascript Console: Creating and populating datalists

This is the first post in a series of posts to showcase the abilities of the Alfresco Javascript Console. The Javascript Console is an Alfresco admin console extension to help developers and administrators to easily develop and execute Javascript against the Alfresco repository. For more information on the Javascript Console and how to install it, see the share-extras wiki page.

In this first installment I’d like to show how to create datalists and datalist items from Alfresco Repository Javascript which can be useful when you want to populate a site’s datalists automatically. Continue reading