PhpWebChecksum is a little php project which aims to provide the means to create checksums for whole websites to be able to monitor which files have changed, have been added or were deleted. A brief introduction can be found in my blog post checking websites for intrusions.


  • a single php script containing all the logic can easily uploaded to any site
  • no data is stored on the server, i.e. nothing is written or changed on your website.
  • for each file on your site a SHA1 checksum, the file dates, owner and unix permissions are stored in an xml document
  • the xml checksum list can be downloaded
  • a locally stored (perviously downloaded) checksum list can be compared with the current state of the website

Known Bugs / Limitations

  • The checksum list and the comparison are generated in memory only. While this is also a feature, the maximium memory size php is allowed to use limits the amount of files that can be checked and compared.


4 thoughts on “PhpWebChecksum

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  2. Josh,Thank you very much for posting this! I had spent all day trnyig to figure out a solution to getting around the installation freezing in the AppStore, but to no avail. This saved me from further hours of frustration. Much appreciated!Thank You,Ms.Rann

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