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Being annoyed by creating a cursor script in SQL and having to define tons of variables manually I wondered if there was any tool to aid in this process. I quick google did not yield promising results.

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So spend the weekend conjuring up an application that eases the script

creation by providing specialized generators to create scripts automatically from a given SELECT statement. It works pretty well and I used it pretty often since I released it in june of 2006.


  • Execute a custom sql script and use the returned columns to generate scripts.
  • meta data based generation of cursor iteration, temporary table inserts and table function creation
  • data centric generation of insert statements and case blocks


  • MS .NET 2.0 Framework
  • SQL Server 2000 or higher


Download the current version SQL Script Creator v1.0.1 (20070104). This program is free software and is provided under terms of the GPL v2. The source code as available as Visual Studio 2005 project (SqlCursorCreator_v101_src.zip).

Older versions:
SQL Script Creator v1.0.0 (20060626).

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