SQL Script Creator released

New Version of SQL Script Creator Logo
I continued the development of my SQL Script Creator and have just put up a setup package on it’s project page. It is a handy tool to create a sql script from query meta data based on several templates and can save you quite some time when working with temporary tables or cursors in SQL Server.

Meanwhile I found a similar opensource program which is called iCodeGenerator which uses user editable templates to create custom scripts and code but it bases it’s generation on a table rather than a more customizable select query.

In case you are wondering: The splashscreen design is drawn by hand with a graphic tablet – it gave me the chance to try some brush effects. It is no coincidence that the content resembles the SQL Server 2005 splash screen in a more “handmade” style ;-)

Back with SQL Script Creator… almost

SQL Script Creator Splash Screen

Being annoyed by creating a cursor script in SQL and having to define tons of variables manually I wondered if there was any tool to aid in this process. I quick google did not yield promising results. So spend the weekend conjuring up an application that eases the script creation by providing specialized generators to create scripts automatically from a given SELECT statement. It works pretty well and will be tested further in the next week until I’ll release it here under some opensource license.

SQL Script Creator Screenshot

Putting this app together thought me some new things about the settings and localization concepts of .NET 2.0. Two articles that got me introduced to the concept are the tutorial Localization in ASP .NET 2.0 on ondotnet.com and the detailed article
Localization Practices for .NET 2.0 on theserverside.net.