Coming up…

Another evening thats much too short… anyway I’d like to share whats coming up in the next days:

  • I still have no approval to release the third party code within PhpWebChecksum as part of the php file. I’ll probably have to rewrite the two or three php functions myself before I release it.
  • Besides that, I subversioned my MyDocuments folder to have an archive and a backup of my documents. Expect an article on how to set up subversion with svn+ssh authentication because I realized that most pages that address this issue are incomplete or not very easy to understand.
  • The other thing I’m working on is a list of windows freeware applications that can be used commercially. Most freeware lists don’t pay attention to the license restriction “for personal use only” – but you might. If you want to install software at work without violating the licenses you can find good free tools in the list I’m compiling.