IndexedList: A hybrid of a Java List and a Map

If been working on legacy data import code in the last months with a lot of code searching for exisiting objects in lists. I realized I needed a different collection to speed up searching for identifiers and couldn’t find any standard collection that matches my needs. I basically need an index like Maps.uniqueIndex() from the Google Collections Library provides but it should be updating dynamically and not only be generated once.

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PhpWebChecksum to be released soon

The first version of my php script to monitor changes in your website will be released soon. I already set up a sourceforge account for PhpWebChecksum which will be mainly used for bugtracking, and maybe source code management (CVS) and file storage for releases for now. The projects homepage will be hosted on under /projects/phpwebchecksum which is already available as well. At this point I have to make sure I can use Keith Devens’ PHP XML Library which I included in my php script and figure out how I’ll solve the pass-by-reference issue when switching between PHP4 und PHP5.

Here is another teaser screenshot of the main form with header, footer and some design improvements:

main form with some design improvements